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CHAPTER 3: Conner Taylor!

     The rest of the school day went by pretty fast. My last class was Algebra II, a good way to end the day. Math actually makes sense to me.

     I walk out of the classroom and towards the student parking lot where my CRV awaits me. My parents had bought me the car up in Oregon after I got my license last year with all the textbooks weighing me down in my backpack. Why the hell would this school agree to have all seven periods a day is beyond me!

     In my previous high school we had three to four classes a day due to block periods, odd periods one day and the next day even periods. It was simpler and gave the students an extra day to work on homework rather than every class wanting your homework done for the next day.


     I turn around in response to see Conner just behind me. "Hey dude, what's crackin'?"

     He shows my notebook that he had under his arm. "Must have slipped out of your backpack and under your desk."

     "Well that wouldn't be good if I forgot it," I shake my head and take my notebook from his hand. "Thanks for chasing me to return it."

     "It's no problem," he smirks. "I was also wondering if you want to . . . hang out."

     I furrow my eyebrow with a cocky smile. "Sorry Conner. I'll have to decline," I laugh.

     He smiled at me and shakes his head. "Hang out as in tutor you."

     "In what?"

     "Biology. Its no secret that you're not good at it," he says with a crooked smile.

     I bite my lip and respond with a raised eyebrow. "Yes, that is true. But I'll have to also say "no" to the offer. But thank you. And have a nice evening," I say before continuing on towards my car.

     "You don't like me do you?" I can hear the humor in his voice for saying it. Looking to him again, he's smiling at his guess.

     I sigh and go back to him. "What makes you think that?"

     "Well you always seem like you're ready to kill me during P.E." He starts chuckling. Yeah, he is pretty good looking, especially when he smiles.

     "That's because you're the best in the class. Usually when I see that someone is really good at physically activity, I tend to want to compete with them and outmatch them. Since the most athletic person in our class is you, I've chosen you."

     He laughs at taps my forehead. "You'll never beat me."

     "Well see about that," I say smugly before punching his arm. Damn! He's hard as stone! He must be all muscle underneath that coat! "See you tomorrow," I wave before going to my car again.

     I'll beat him. I'll be sure to beat him at something.

Bleh! Wasn't really motivated to write this chapter. But I didn't know what to put up, so I wrote it to purposely make it short

Chapter 4--
Chapter 2--[link]
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Refugnic Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Well, that's a...'different' kind of relationship those two are building.

And tutoring biology, huh? Well, there's the birds and bees and the flowers and the trees...and that's what biology is about :P

And yeah...math makes sense, huh?

Okay, then tell me how can 1 + 1 be both 2 and 10? (For the reference: Both are actually true by mathematical standards)
AprilDawson Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
well with Biology that high school has taught me is genetics, a LOT of cell division, how this part of the cell works and why, and so on. It makes littler sense to me.

Algebra makes sense since the formulas are easy to remember
Refugnic Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
It seems to me like your biology differed from the one I remember...mine was more on the macro level...with what lives where and why and how an organism works in general (lungs, etc) be blunt, I remember close to nothing.

As for formulas: I like to be able to understand something rather than just learning a formula...that's probably why I don't like it strange for an informatician to say that? :P
kaschill7 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Professional Writer
nice lol
TiiaBear Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Dun, DUN, DUN!!!!! :D I like ur new icon ;D
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